Slip Sheet is a handling sheet, light and recyclable, modern alternative to wooden pallet.

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Reduction in transport costs

Major argument for this product: Slip Sheet handling plates make it possible to achieve optimized loadings, replacing wooden pallets. The fineness of the plate, and its lightness, simply allow to gain in volume and weight.

Slip Sheet is an asset to optimize your loads, reduce transportation costs, and secure handling of goods.

> Earn 10% and more volume of goods by truck or container thanks to its small footprint.

> Optimize your transport thanks to the lightness of the Slip Sheet and the removal of the wood pallet.

> Avoid re-palletizing when there is a pallet format change in the logistics chain (for example: European pallet to US pallet).


The proof by the numbers, Slip Sheet is the alternative to the wood pallet to improve the storage conditions of the goods. Wood pallets impact your storage capacity in terms of volume, as well as the conditions of handling / moving goods in warehouses. Slip Sheet represents a footprint 100 times smaller than a wood pallet :

> 1000 pallets = 100 m3

> 1000 Slipsheet = 1 m3

Slip01 [1600x1200]

Cash saver

Slip Sheet allows you to make significant savings on transportation costs, storage costs, the cost of your handling operations, the cost of packaging merchandise, and simply the cost of purchase: a Slip Sheet is cheaper than a wood pallet. With Slip Sheet, you increase your profitability.


Slip Sheet handling plates have economic and ecological advantages (recyclable product) that have convinced manufacturers in many industrial fields. The waterproof performance we have added to it makes it a suitable product for shipments in sea and refrigerated containers as well.

Slip02 [1600x1200]

Sanitary safety

Slip Sheet is not subject to ISPM15. It allows to export your goods all over the world, without health concerns related to the use of wooden pallets. Thus you do not waste time in border control, imperatives of depalletization and repackaging imposed by the standards of some countries. Slip Sheet is a universal asset.


By using our Slip Sheets, you can remove the management of the recorded pallets. The handling plate has sufficient robustness for an optimized life. This way you avoid the waste of time and the impact it represents on your margin.

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