Plaques de manutention - Slipsheet

Slip Sheet is an alternative to wood pallets, a light and recyclable handling plate. For example, Slip Sheet is a modern alternative to loading containers by hand and allows more products to be loaded instead of wood or plastic pallets. For the transport of all loads, even heavy, Slip Sheet will allow you to save money from the first year of integration of the solution, please contact us !

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Cornière de protection : cornière droite

Straight edgeboards

Cardboard corners and extruded corner protection angles, the straight angles of Gunther Packaging are recommended for the stabilization and wedging of loads. Particularly required in the transport and storage of goods, the straight angles are used for the protection of packing and the reinforcement of stacking.

cornière de protection et cornière carton : cornière polyforme

Notched edgeboards

Cardboard angles, extruded angles and plastic angles for reinforcement and protection of angles, angles suitable for circular products or complex shapes. These protective angles for packaging are effective in their use in the steel and paper industry, in the protection of coils.

cornière de protection et cornière carton : le profil U

U profiles

Complementary to cardboard angles, the U profiles are made to measure. These protections are resistant to puncture and abrasion, and can be used for protection of edges (worktops, furniture, doors, profiles, etc.). The U-profiles are available in U-shaped, U-shaped or U-shaped (fully impermeable) cardboard.


Boite de transport industriel Reddi Crate


Extremely robust transport box for longitudinal objects, fragile or very heavy. Resistant, Reddi-Crate replaces the wooden box or the transport tube. Made of laminated cardboard, it protects sensitive objects in the industry: blinds, shutters, posters, fabrics, aluminum or PVC profiles, boat mats, copper bars, steel balls, etc.

Barreaux et séparateurs pour le transport de marchandises

Laths and bars

Made for the protection and separation of goods whose surfaces are fragile; slats are available in width, length and thickness. The protection bars are used for the optimization of the industrial storage, these separators show a very strong resistance to crushing and humidity.

Plaques de protection écologiques pour le transport de marchandises


Ecoload skid plates are fully recyclable, waterproof and extremely durable. Ecoload protection plates can be used as technical spacers, pallet top protection or load protection against nails and splinters on wooden pallets. Ecoload plates can also be used to isolate loads from soil moisture or moisture from the pallet. Made from clean industrial waste, Ecoload plates give a second life to scrap and prevent them from polluting the planet. Ecoload plates are manufactured in several thicknesses, and these specific protection plates are adaptable to mechanical stresses.