Much more than a protection maker, Gunther Packaging commits to quality, environment and customer service.



Innovation and quality label

To answer at best to your requirements, to guaranty your products integrity, we always improve our R&D.

We think-up to new products in way to reduce your costs and to offer you more safety loadings.

Our products are tested in our laboratory before to be put on the market.

We proposed “made in France” products and all our production sites are ISO 9001 certified.

A real ecological awareness

Packaging has become an environmental issue in our industrial activities; Gunther Packaging has anticipated environmental regulations integrating the compliance with these standards into the development of its products.

Our products can endlessly be recycled.

We can proudly say that the three Gunther Packaging production technologies for edgeboards and derivative products contribute to the recycling of industrial waste.

Gunther Packaging gives a second life to industrial waste otherwise destined to incineration or landfills, source of environmental pollution. Like glass and steel, our products can endlessly be recycled.

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Circular Economy

Our team of service to you

Gunther Packaging considers human relationship of first importance and particularly with their customers. The privileged relationship developed between you and our teams is one key of success for you and us. Whatever your specifications, we answer you with our best services and products.