Proposed in 4 different technologies , TCHIPGARD®, ARMACHOC®, LITEC® and Plastic ranges, straight edgeboard can largely be used for:

corniere droite pour protection d'angle et calage de charges

Angle protection

> To protect your product’s angles and make it shock-resistant.

> To avoid damage due to film or strap crushing.

Load stabilization and wedging

> To allow good stability during stacking, storage and transport.
> To reduce costs decreasing your over-packaging.
> To increase height of your pallets thanks to our corners.

corniere droite pour protection d'angle et renfort de gerbage

corniere droite pour renfort de gerbage

Stacking reinforcement

> To reduce your packaging thanks to resistance to compression of our edgeboard.

> To secure your fragile and low-bearing products. Edgeboards take the whole weight and not your products.

> To decrease logistic costs by optimization of volumes in storage and transport.

To answer all your needs, Straight Edgeboard range is available in numerous sizes of wings and thickness.

More +

Furthermore, we propose you specific options:

> Save time with our adhesive edgeboards, without protection layer.

> With our scored edgeboard, fit edgeboard length to your pallets height and reduce your packaging references.

> Humidity resistance.

> Be visible, print your logo.