Gunther Packaging, the French manufacturer of edgeboards and profiles, offers a wide range of products dedicated to corner protection, reinforcement and securing the transportation and storage of industrial products and raw materials. Thanks to edgeboards and extruded protection angles, optimize palletization for storage, delivery and transport, in fields of application such as food processing, iron and steel, industry, household appliances, wood and wood. materials, etc

Gunther Packaging edgeboards and profiles are designed to protect your products and to reinforce your packaging during storage and transport.

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Our range of edgeboards, extruded edgeboards and edgeboards in complex cardboard is characterized by a large global offer. Different types of angles and profiles are proposed, and the manufacturing technologies of our angles are specific. We manufacture products based on recycled raw materials. Our angles are fully recyclable.

Straight edgeboards made of cardboard, extruded or made of complex cardboard, or polyform edgeboards manufactured from cardboard, extruded or made of complex cardboard, edgeboards and profiles Gunther Packaging meet the different conditions of use encountered in the rigorous areas such as agriculture and industry. With moisture-resistant models, our angles ensure the safest transportation of your goods.



Edgeboards and profiles are available in :

edgeboards suitable for transport, storage, rigging and stacking reinforcement

edgeboards suitable for the protection of circular and cylindrical products

protections adapted to the protection of edges (worktops, furniture, doors, profiles, ...)

protective dividers suitable for separating lacquered profiles during palletizing


Edgeboards manufacturer Gunther Packaging has developed four dedicated manufacturing technologies. The manufacturing processes of edgeboards and profiles are based on specific raw materials :

// TCHIPGARD® range,
extruded cardboard and extruded profile: these are edgeboards made from cardboard and extruded polyethylene. Made from recycled products, our extruded edgeboards are 100% recyclable

// ARMACHOC® range,
edgeboard and profile: these reinforced edgeboards are made from recycled cardboard and glue starch with water. In the manufacture of our cardboard angles, we have chosen to favor the water-based adhesive, 100% biodegradable, to vinyl chemical glues. This feature makes it a range of cardboard angles with the appreciated ecological commitment

// LITEC® range,
edgeboard and profile: these angles are made from clean industrial waste paper complex, are 100% waterproof and have unique technical features. Dedicated to wet environments, or specific technical requirements, they are made from complex cardboard made of PE film and multi-layer composite board. They are used in particular for angle protection in the transport of bathed products (salads, flowers) with high straining stress (bagged onions) or during external storage (iron and steel industry)

// PLASTIC range,
edgeboards and slats, polyethylene base

These manufacturing technologies are deployed for the needs that specifically cover cardboard angles, edgeboards of protection, and angles of packaging. They offer mechanical characteristics and resistances adapted to the constraints of your environment (heat, humidity, cold ...). Our edgeboards and profiles bring solutions to your storage, transport and protection issues in the sectors of industry, agribusiness, agriculture, household appliances ... (see the fields of application).

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