ECOLOAD  is a protection sheet in composite proposed in several thicknesses to fit mechanical constraint. It answers to several applications.

Ecoload03_300x181    Ecoload02_300x181    Ecoload04_300x181


ECOLOAD performances provide several solutions to:
> insulation,
> separation,
> protection,
> stacking.

Possibility to fit sizes

As we could make it at size requested, ECOLOAD allows protection to every kind of product (US boxes, steel coils…).

High mechanical performances

With high resistances to abrasion and crushing and very shock-resistant, ECOLOAD protects your products.

Flexibility and strength

ECOLOAD insets are made with 100 % recycled material (mix of polyethylene and cellulose) designed to provide flexibility and strength in any using condition.

Outdoor using

Ecoload withstands outdoor storage conditions (humidity-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant…).


ECOLOAD does not absorb water and can be used to avoid humidity:
> on the top or/and the bottom of pallet,
> on floor for storage of products sensitive to humidity,
> to protect metallurgic product sensitive to humidity.


ECOLOAD can be made unlined or cardboard lined.

We can also offer grooved sheets.

More +

Ecomousse sheet : Mixing ECOLOAD and foam rubber, we have developed shock-resistant protector with magnets for metallurgic industry.