Avoid excess packaging, protect your goods and optimize your storage and logistics.



Secure your pallets by stabilizing your loads.


Bulk or tray, your products are on optimum condition for handling and long distance transportation.

Wood and building materials


Protected edges and load secured.

Slipsheet - protection d'angle - domaine Construction

Use of Slip Sheet in the field of construction, for corner protection and transport facilitation.

Cornière carton pour la protection par cadre du matériel à transporter

Frame protection for fragile equipment and equipment.

White appliances


Have fragile products? The use of Gunther Packaging’s corner ensures an efficient angle protection; it is the solution for storage and logistic due to a safe stacking.


From the design of the package, we bring you an effective response to the problems of storage and transport.

Cornière carton pour la protection d'angle du matériel électroménager

Protection of the goods for transport and delivery, thanks to cardboard edgeboards.


Industrie protection_v3_300x225

By using different products of Gunther Packaging, you insure a maximum protection to your goods.

Metal protection angle_v3_300x225

With notched edgeboard, avoid damage during packing, handling and storage, regardless of the load.

Metal protection angle_v2_300x225

With notched edge board does not waste material on a reel!